About Tanner Smith



"I think the purpose of music is, and has always been to transport either people, or ideas/emotions to a place they could never have reached without a such a vehicle." Tanner says, when asked his opinion on why music exists. "I can't look at music as just 'easy listenning'. There's something too profound about what music can do to the mind and to the soul. Whether planting a seed of thought into someone's intelect, stirring someone to a certain emotion, or bringing people to a place of adoration to someone or something, music has always had a certain power that no one can deny."

Tanner was raised traveling the country with his family. Consistently attempting to plant roots, yet moving every three months to two years. "It was difficult at times, but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. I learned that roots can never truly be planted in this life. My only permanent home is the Kingdom of the Heavens, and one day I will plant eternal roots there, growing by the river of life." 


When he was nine years old, Tanner's father began teaching him to play the guitar, and he has been playing and experiementing with every instrument he can find since then. "My dad was abosolutely instrumental in my growth as a musician. He is an amazing guitarist, and without him I probably wouldn't even be playing music at all." Growing up, Tanner was exposed to a myriad of different musical styles. His dad's classic rock and blues records, his mother's love for country and bluegrass, and his sister's dive into the indie music scene were all completely inspirational in his cultural growth in, and love for music of all sorts.


"I've always desired to write music that was real. Music that not only has feeling and soul, but goes beyond rhthym, melodies, and lyrics, into the realm of the mind and heart. I've always admired songwriters who write not only brilliant music, but also lyrics that made people think. Writers like Dylan, Cash, Robert Johnson, Paul McCartney, Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), Conor Oburst, Jon Foreman, Aaron Weiss (Mewithoutyou), and Brooke Fraser.


Above all, Tanner's passion is leading worship, and he does so with passion and zeal. "God is worthy of worship...", says Tanner, "... and there is a beautiful thing that happens when we meet with Him, the eternal I AM. As we lift up our sinful, powerless hands, God purifies and empowers us with His Holy Spirit. This is communion between God and man. None of us deserve to be a part of this, but God, in His grace, loves to meet with His kids, and loves for His kids to glorify His name."


Today, Tanner lives in Houston, Tx, and works on staff at Calvary Chapel Houston leading worship. He is so privileged to do what he loves; helping lead others to the throne of God. He also travels to different churches, nationally and internationally, leading worship and/or sharing his original music.  He is married to the love of his life, Erin Smith, and they continue to serve the Lord at their local church. 


If you would like to have Tanner come play at your church simply send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . He would love to come and worship with you and your congregation!